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Sheer Style - Ceramic Coating & More

Transform Your Ride

Canyon Auto Detailing knows how much you love your car. So with that being said, we do our best to transform your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of a few hours with our exceptional detailing services. Take a look below to see our packages and pricing below. For more information call us today at (800) 585-8944!

detailing packages

Exterior Basic Detail
This is our most basic exterior wash. With this basic exterior detail, you will receive the following: tire wash and shine, windows cleaned (inside and out), quick wax, rim detail, clay bar, quick exterior detail, final wipe down, exterior wash, trim dressed. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Starting at $119

Bronze Detail
This detail includes some exterior features while focusing more on a quick interior detail: exterior wash, thorough vacuum, 24 hour guarantee, tire shine, dash & door panels wipe down, rim wipe down, door seals wipe down, all plastic & trim protected, leather cleaned, windows (inside & out), air freshener. 3 hours.

Starting at $129

Gold Detail
This includes everything from bronze & silver plus: seats cleaned, carpets cleaned, full buff & polish (1-step), sealant, wax - 15% off multi car discount. This package is essentially the white glove interior & wax works detail service combined (with a little extra clean!) 6 hours.

Starting at $299

Silver Detail
Includes everything from bronze plus: stain removal, mats cleaned, tire detail, clay bar, quick wax ,10% discount for multi cars. 4 hours 30 minutes.

Starting at $199

White Glove Interior
This service provides a great detailing add-on: dash detail, spot stain removal, vinyl, rubber & plastic protectant applied, door panels & seals, windows cleaned (inside & out), air freshener, thorough vacuum, leather cleaned & conditioned, 24 Hour guarantee. 3 hours.

Starting at $119

The Wax Works
This service is the next best exterior service compared to ceramic coating. This package includes: exterior hand wash, windows cleaned (inside & out), tire detail, 24 hour guarantee, all rubber & plastic protectant applied, clay bar (if needed +$30), 5 stage wax process, buff, polish, glaze, seal. 5 hours.

Starting at $199

Additional Services

Bring back the clarity in your headlights. Make them look good as new for a fraction of the cost of replacement! (minimum service charge is $99, this item can not be booked alone).1 hour.

Starting at $59

Shampoo Carpets
Shampoo carpets (stain, and heavy clean). Discount provided for seat & carpet combo (minimum service charge is $99, this service can not be booked alone). 1 hour.

Starting at $59

Engine Bay Detail
This service is a full detail of the engine bay. We do not just clean the top, but as much as we possibly can reach and see. Cleaning your engine bay will rid it of all the grime, grease, and dirt that has built up and make it look as close to new as possible.1 hour 30 minutes.

Starting at $89

Scratch Repair
Unsightly scratches or chipped paint? We can help! This is a great option for people without collision coverage. Scratch repair may not take all the scratches away, especially if they are deep. We recommend sending us a picture of the damage so we can see if it is worth having it repaired, or if you should just get a replacement or paint job.

Shampoo Seats
Shampoo seats (stain removal, heavy clean). Discount provided for seat & carpet combo (minimum service charge is $99, this service can not be booked alone).1 hour.

Starting at $59

Seal & Wax
Adding a sealant to your car will help protect it from all the dangers the outside world presents to your paint. The wax helps bring back the new car shine it always had. This service is recommended if there is little to no scratching in your paints clear coat.1 hour 30 minutes.

Starting at $119

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